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The Athletic Department of the Wellsboro Area School District (WASD) welcomes you. Wellsboro Athletics participates in the Northern Tier League in District IV.

Athletes, by deciding to participate in an athletic program, will enhance your educational experience. As a team member, interscholastic sports will provide a forum that can enhance leadership skills. One will also learn the value of perseverance and be introduced to a level of competition beyond the boundaries of the WASD. The team approach at the interscholastic level not only promotes school spirit, but also develops individual character. As a team member, each individual will need to communicate with coaches and other team members while working within the boundaries of a team organization and the rules of the sport. As a team member the importance of establishing team goals will become evident. In order to improve as an individual athlete, the importance of self motivation and discipline become apparent.

Parents, you are an invaluable part of your child's educational and athletic development. Your support will have a considerable impact on your athlete's performance (education) in the athletic arena. Your athlete will learn lifelong lessons of how to be gracious in victory and knowledgeable from defeat.


The mission of the WASD Athletic Department is to provide an athletic program that helps develop the whole person through education and competition; to stimulate a lasting attitude of discipline, sportsmanship, integrity, leadership, and social responsibility; to insure equal opportunity for all staff and student-athletes; and to make the athletic program an enduring source of pride for the student, athletes, alumni, and the community.


The Wellsboro Area Athletic Department wishes to provide each athlete with the opportunity to achieve personal goals while simultaneously developing beneficial skills for their team. Each coach's goal is to instill in each athlete an ethic of self discipline, cooperation, loyalty, honesty, and perseverance. Coaches will ensure that each athlete will learn to communicate with team members and coaches. Coaches will enhance leadership skills where they exist. Success is the goal of each coach whose team participates in interscholastic sports, district competition or state level competition, and the development of each athlete's skill is motivated by that goal.


  • To continue to increase school spirit amongst all communities involving all student athletes through a positive promotion of all school sponsored athletic events.
  • Address and improve athletic facilities district wide to improve their appearance and ensure student athlete safety.
  • To increase external support for the athletic program and student-athletes so as to help offset operational costs and enhance competitive success.
  • Launch and keep it updated.
  • To develop a professional development program that is ongoing to put our coaches on the cutting edge of athletic safety and specific sport knowledge.
  • To recruit and retain coaches and staff members who demonstrate competence and achievement in their area of expertise.
  • Athletic Department will be committed to upgrading its competitiveness and dominating the NTL in all sports by competing for an winning league championships and post-season competitions.
  • Reevaluate and rewrite (if need be) head and assistant coach's evaluations.
  • Begin to define coaching history of all past and present coaches and athletic school records.
  • Have at least 50% of coaches First Aid/CPR Certified.

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