Howard Hanna Professionals

Resolving Problems

If an athlete or parent encounters a problem, the following "chain of command" must be used to solve the problem. Avoid initiating contact with the coach immediately prior to and/or right after a contest or during practice time.

  • Coach
  • Athletic Director / Coach
  • Head of Athletics / Coach
  • Principal / Head of Athletics
  • Superintendent
  • School Board

Attendance Policy

Students are required to attend a full day of school in order to practice or play a competition on that day. Any student arriving after 10:00 a.m. or leaving early and not returning with a legal excuse accepted by the administration will not practice or play in a competition that day. Appointment validation will be required. Students absent from school will not play or practice in a competition on that day.

Athletes are required to attend school the day after an event no matter how late the student arrives home from their previous competition, unless approved by administration.

Awarding of Letters

Each sport will have a specific system for awarding letters. The head coach will determine the criteria for that sport. The lettering system will be explained to the athletes and parents at the first meeting of the season.


All athletes will travel to and from all contests on the team bus. If an exceptional circumstance arises a parent or guardian must notify the coach and sign out their child following the contest. Under no circumstances will an athlete transport himself/herself to a contest.

Booster Club

WASD athletic department encourages the participation of all parents in the Wellsboro Hornets Sports Booster Club. This is a critical support system for the entire athletic program. The ideal booster club is one that is made up of parents, fans, and coaches. We need this group to promote athletics and assist the department in providing our athletes with equipment facilities, and opportunities they otherwise would not enjoy.

WASD Calender and Athletic Schedules

No athletic events/practices may take place, on that school day, when school is cancelled or an early dismissal occurs.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Pre-participation eligibility requirements.
  • WASD eligibility requirements

Under the rules of the Pennsylvania High School Athletic Association (PIAA) and Wellsboro Area School District, athletes are NOT ELIGIBLE IF:

  • They have reached the age of 19 prior to July 1 of the current school year.
  • They have ever violated their amateur status.
  • They have been absent more than 20 school days during a semester.
  • They do not have a physical.
  • They have ever participated in an athletic contest under an assumed name.
  • They are failing more than one class per week (as defined by a weekly eligibility report). An "Incomplete" in a class counts as an "F" until the work is made up. If work is not made up within ten days, then the work becomes a zero and is averaged into the grade.
  • They have graduated from a 4 year high school or an equivalent institution.


Every athlete will be given equipment and/or uniforms that are provided by the WASD. Athletes are responsible for these items. The student and parent/guardian are financially responsible to replace lost or damaged equipment.


It is the policy of the WASD that hazing will not be permitted in any way, shape, or form. Athletes, coaches, and/or parents who violate this District guideline will be punished accordingly. Parents are encouraged to report any incidents of this type to the coach immediately.

Pre-Season Kickoff

At the start of the school year, the Wellsboro Hornets Sports Booster Club and Athletic Department combine to introduce the athletes and coaches for each sport and recognize new lettermen. The Athletic Department encourages all parents and athletes to attend.

The Booster Club and Athletic Department also combine to host an end of the year Awards Ceremony.

Off-Season Participation/Open Gym Philosophy

Out-of-season open gym participation is at the sole discretion of the in-season coach. Expectations of in-season coach, regarding open gym, must be clearly defined in team rules/expectations. Team/player consequences should also be defined.

The Wellsboro Area Athletic Department believes championships are won in the off season by the extra work an athlete and team perform. Student-athletes are expected to organize their off season around the following priorities:

  • Weight Room
  • Individual Skill Development
  • Team Continuity and Development
  • Individual Camps
  • Team Skill Development

Teams and Seasons

Male Sports

Female Sports

Dual-Sport Agreement

An athlete is eligible to participate in more than one sport if the sport(s) of interest are offered during the same season. To initiate action it is essential that the athlete contact both coaches of the sports being considered. If permission is granted an agreement must be signed by the athlete, parent/guardian, athletic director, and both respective coaches. All parties involved in this agreement must agree to this participation, if not, a student will NOT be allowed to participate in dual sports.

Download Dual Sport Participation Form

Medical Clearances

Athletes must pass a physical exam prior to participation. WASD will offer physicals 1 time per year for ALL athletes. Prior to each season ALL athletes must complete a re-certification physical form. All injuries must be reported to the coach immediately. A student whose injuries require a doctor's attention must present a doctor's note clearing the athlete to return to practice or competition.

Download Physical Form

Team Structures and Goals

Middle School Programs:

The Middle School Programs are entry level. The emphasis of middle school sports is to introduce interscholastic sports to as many students as possible. Coaches will focus on teaching the sports basic skills and having fun. We will have an A and B team structure. The number of athletes at this level may be limited and playing time will be determined at the discretion of the coaching staff. Members of each team will be chosen based on team criteria. The coaching staff will select teams if try-outs are necessary. Our goal is to have every athlete participating at his or her level of development.

Senior High Programs:

Junior Varsity - This is the varsity preparatory level. We continue to develop the sport, its basic and complex skills, and the fun element at the levels just below the requirements for varsity competition. The number of athletes at this level will be limited and playing time will be determined at the discretion of the coaching staff.

Varsity - This level focuses on everything that has been developed and learned over the last several years. Basic skills continue to be extremely important. Complex sport skills are critical. The number of athletes at this level will be limited and playing time will be determined at the discretion of the coaching staff.

Participation Selection:

Certain teams at certain levels have limitations on the number of participants. These limitations are the result of factors including time, facilities, equipment, staffing, budgets, and tradition. We do not like to limit participation of our teams. In fact it is the most difficult decision any coach has to make, but in some instances it has to be made.

You should know that many factors are considered before the coaching staff makes limitation decisions. Perhaps the most important element may be the roles to be played on the team and how each part fits into the entire puzzle.

We will make the necessary decisions about limiting teams to certain numbers in as fair and as professional manner as possible. Questions concerning such decisions should be directed to the athletic office.