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Devin K. Webster Memorial Award

The Devin K. Webster Memorial Award is given in memory of Devin K. Webster who was born on March 14, 2000 and died suddenly in a motorcycle accident on July 27, 2023. Devin played soccer in Wellsboro throughout his school years, including four years of high school soccer at WHS. He was a poised, hardworking, and unselfish player with a tenacity and resilience that caused him to become a fearless varsity defender. Devin was a pivotal part of the team's 2017 District IV Championship and advancement to the PIAA State Quarterfinals. More importantly, Devin was a trustworthy and loyal friend and teammate, who was cherished by them in return. This award is given to a senior male soccer player who most closely demonstrates the qualities of Devin K. Webster as identified by his friends and family.

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